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Paul Legan

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Monday, May 13, 2024

Remember dealing with this beast?
Remember dealing with this beast?

Web development has always had its challenges, but the modern landscape is a paradox. We’ve made strides in simplifying some aspects, yet introduced a maze of complexity in others. Build tools and frameworks have multiplied, making the starting point feel like a daunting decision for no good reason.

There’s a pressure to adopt the latest tech just to prove you’re at the bleeding edge. This has led to a trend of overengineered solutions, where complexity is mistaken for sophistication.

Clients worry about scalability and fret over the absence of trendy technologies. Simple diagrams are dismissed as underdeveloped. They equate fewer servers with inefficiency.

In reality, the simplest solutions are often the best. Focusing on what’s absolutely necessary to deliver a superior experience is often an exercise in subtraction, not addition.

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