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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

I’ve lived a minimalist lifestyle for a pretty long time. Inevitably this leads to a love affair with the way certain regions of the world view life - like in Scandinavia or in Japan - and the way they design the items they themselves use.

Recently I was introduced to the idea of lagom, which means something like "in balance" or "just enough", and draws from Swedish culture. It isn’t about doing without. It’s about finding the exact right amount. Of anything. Of everything.

Lagom can be applied in nearly every situation. Some common ones I can think of right away.

  • Do focused work.
    Working too much unbalances your overall state, but taking frequent breaks helps restore.
  • Keep only what you truly love in your home.
    Be mindful about each item you introduce into your life.
  • Eat sustainably.
    Not just in terms of the environment, but for your own mind and body.

Nothing here is revolutionary. Other concepts like minimalism, which is a little more broad, offer similar guidance for life. But there is something about lagom that cuts right to the core.

Balance. Appropriateness.

Words I can understand.

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