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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Back in college I would spend evenings coding away at every tiny idea I had regardless of how useful or viable it turned out to be. I would learn a new thing and apply it to my next project - only to find another thing and compare the two for the next project.1It was freeing and satisfying as much as it was humbling.

This week took me back to that time. I’ve been building something for our teams at 3|SHARE to make better decisions around project staffing, compensation, and overall employee satisfaction.

Instead of going with the tools I already knew, I chose a framework I’d never used (Django), a style system I’d been wanting to try (Tailwind), and a host of other architectural concepts I’d never really had a chance to investigate (e.g. cryptography).

# get all my favorite tools
toolkit = get_tools_from_previous()

# start something new
project = Project({
    "goal": constants.IMPROVE,
    "init": new_tools()

# add new tools to my toolkit
for tool in project :

What a rush.

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