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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

I’m writing this post feeling lucky just to have a flight out of the Dominican Republic in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. And on the flight I’ll bring with me an experience not soon forgotten.

Our 2022 3|SHARE company meeting was held this weekend here in Punta Cana, which we knew might pose a risk given its position smack in the middle of hurricane season. Welp, yep.

The damage at our hotel was significant, but surmountable.

Hard Rock, meet Hurricane Fiona. \[Credit: Amanda Gray\]
Hard Rock, meet Hurricane Fiona. [Credit: Amanda Gray]

Sure, we had some leaks and power outages that kept us on our toes. But if we shuffled one resort to our right, we would have been without power, water, or food for days. Not to mention the impact on the nearby municipality, to which our hearts went out.

And yet, the spirit of my colleagues never wavered.

It had been nearly three years since our last in-person meeting1We’ve had a company meeting every year since I joined the company 11 years ago. From 6 people to 104 people. It is our most-prized tradition. due to COVID, so like many folks on the trip, the joy of seeing old faces (and new) far outweighed the logistical nightmare of travel back to our homes.

People coming together is rare these days. To see everyone do so first hand was an emotional reset.

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