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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Vancouver has *warmth* and beaches?!
Vancouver has warmth and beaches?!

I’m pretty amazed that we’re already heading into 2024 and I can’t help but think about the following adage.

The days are long but the years are short.

Here are just seven (of many) highlights from the year:

  1. Kileen attended her first sex therapy conference in San Francisco, CA and continues to further her therapy practice in Philadelphia.
  2. We visited Kileen’s sister in Charleston, SC for a wine festival and finally got to explore a city I’ve wanted to visit for a while.
  3. We made our (almost) yearly trips to old stomping grounds in San Diego, Seattle, DC, and Providence. So much development in each city - every year.
  4. We experienced Vancouver, BC when it was actually warm and it further proved just how beautiful that region is.
  5. My good friend got married in New York as a precursor to the larger ceremony back in Ireland coming up in 2024.
  6. We celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary in July, but really the entire year felt like a celebration. I feel so fortunate.
  7. Kileen proposed to me (and only after 10 years of marriage!). I had been playfully bugging Kileen for years that I wanted her to propose "the next time" and she surprised me in France.
Feeling more confident about recreating my favorites at home.
Feeling more confident about recreating my favorites at home.

Lastly, I’ve taken a shine to recreating many of my favorite foods and cocktails. What started out as a TikTok-fueled ramen obsession quickly became something more. I’m excited to see where I take this in 2024.

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